Thursday, November 13, 2008


I've been really sick this afternoon so unfortunately, I haven't gotten any of the scrapping done I was supposed to do. *sigh*
BUT, I am making a photo book on Snapfish.. a *FREE* photo book and because I only have until tomorrow to finish it, I am sitting here doing it while feeling REALLY bad.
If you want your own, go here . (and thanks SO much for telling me about it, Jenn!! You rock!!)

So the real reason for my post:
Caleb's First Steps quarterly (speech) eval was today and wouldn't you know it, he clammed up and got shy and wouldn't say much while they were here. He recited a few numbers and said like one or two words but, that was it. It was once again very frustrating because I always feel like if he doesn't talk for OTHER people, they are going to think he's Autistic or stupid or something.
And of course, as soon as they left, he talked up a storm and tonight, he finally started saying ELMO. And man, it's the cutest thing EVER! I SOOOOO wish we had a video camera to record it!!
He LOVES Elmo and has since he was really little and I've been waiting for the day when he said it. And it's as plain as day, too. And, over and over. ELMO ELMO ELMO!!!
LOL :) YAY Caleb!!

Okay, back to creating my photo book. It's of Caleb's 2nd Birthday and it's going to be super cute :)
Have a good night, everyone!