Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's 2am....

And Doug and I are STILL up putting Caleb's Christmas presents together!!! Luckily Caleb decided even though he was put into bed at 10pm that he would play in his room until 1:15am! So lucky for Mommy and Daddy, he won't be up til 11am or noon so we'll be okay on sleep :)
I have NO CLUE why he wouldn't go to bed. He had NO sugar tonight and he didn't have a poopie. It's almost like he was waiting for Santa or something.. Too freaky. Especially since we don't talk to him about Santa. It's like he knows today has special meaning or something and he didn't want to miss out on anything, LOL.

Mimi Marsha sent him a cool rocking horse.. That thing took over two hours to put together. But once Caleb sees it in the morning, it's going to be so worthwhile. We didn't realize this but the horse's mouth moves and he talks and SINGS while riding him. How cool is THAT!!
Then we assembled the Black & Decker tool center we bought him. That's almost done then Doug and I are going to bed. Finally.

We let Caleb open two presents tonight. One from his cousins in TX and one from Mimi Marsha. He got a Thomas the Train interactive book and a Little Tikes tool set. He was SO thrilled with both!

Mommy also got to open her presents from Daddy and Marsha (Doug's Mom).
Check out what I got!!!!!

My sneaky husband bought the above on ACOT and had it shipped to our neighbors house!!! Sneaky boy! (but definitely a good idea as I am also very sneaky and have been known to peek, tee hee).
I'm over the moon excited. I'm going to spend part of my day tomorrow cutting chipboard and vinyl with that new blade. WHOO HOO!!!!!


BethieJ said...

:) Sounds like our house.. Justin was up til 2am.. he KNEW what today was and couldnt sleep!! :) Hope your having a FUN day! I LOVE your gift.. your sneaky hubby is so smart!! :) Cant wait to see what you create!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family Jenny!!!

Heidi M said...

I am so happy that you had a wonderful Christmas. The rocking horse is adorable! You have to tell me all about the Graphically Speaking Cricut cartridge. I have been on the fence with that one I would love to know how you like it.
Hugs to you and your family.