Monday, December 15, 2008

My two year old is brilliant!

I swear, my child is so smart sometimes!
Today he came up to me and said "I Pee, I Pooooo" and sure enough, he did!
He's said this before because his Aunt Erin sent him a "potty book" and in the book it talks about pee pee and poo poo but, he's never said it after the act. KWIM?
And then a few minutes ago I went into his room and without telling me he was tired or asking for a nap he had turned off his light, turned on his sound machine and laid in his bed and went to sleep!
Of course, he had a schedule doctors appointment at 3:15 which, we would have needed to leave about 10 minutes ago to get to in time so I just had to cancel it (again). But I think it will be okay as he is sounding much better.. I think it's just a simple cold.
Anyway, I'm blogging this because if you knew my son, you'd know that he rarely talks and that we just moved him into his own room six weeks ago and then his own big boy bed a month ago so all of this is a huge thing for him.
Do you think now that he is telling me he pooped in his diaper he might be ready for potty training? Anyone know?

I also think I have some other news to share.. Be back with that later.


Heidi M said...

Wow! He is smart. He is definately ready for potty training. As soon as he makes the connection between the words and what they mean, he is ready to try. Good luck and congratulations on reaching a huge milestone Mommy. Getting them out of diapers is like getting a pay raise!!!

4guysandagirl said...

I agree with Heidi. Once you start with the potty, don't give up too early. I got frustrated with Baby and I put him back in diapers. It only confused him. Now, he's a pro. Except for bedtime. He's fine at naptime, but he still can't make it all night. Oh well.

Jenny said...

Yay Caleb! Sounds to me like he may be ready! Give it a try, what do you have to lose? And what's this other news you have to share? Don't make us wait! :)