Monday, June 11, 2012

We are moved!!

We ended up moving five days early and although I am still not sure where my shoes and purses are, I couldn't be happier! I loooove this new house!!

It's probably going to be weeks before my scraproom is unpacked. Heck, maybe MONTHS. I will take a picture soon and you'll see WHY..LOL :) But it's okay. I'll get there. We plan to be in this house at least twelve years.. I have tons of time :) In the meantime I'm probably just going to take the Summer off. Our new neighborhood has two pools and I plan on spending a ton of time with Caleb this Summer.. just Mommy and Caleb time. Because in the Fall he starts FULL DAY Kindergarten. And I know I'll miss him TONS. So right now it's important I spend time with him. I'm sure you Mommies understand :)
So keep up with us on Facebook. See ya around!