Friday, July 19, 2013

And a few more pics from the last few months...

She's here!!

And my life will never be the same...

So presh!

Chloe Loren was born ON her due date 5/15/13 weighing 5lbs, 15oz (ironic, I know), 19 inches long.
I had an emergency c-section. Just couldn't get her to come out on her own ... But, she came out VERY healthy and at her two month Pediatrician appointment on Tuesday, weighed 10lbs, 6oz!!
She's a great eater! Lol

My life has been turned upside down.. She's a lot higher maintenance than her brother was. But I'm loving every minute of her and feel very blessed :)

Her big brother ADORES her. And he is now moving on to FIRST GRADE. Soooo very proud of him!

Doug and I unpacked (most of) my scrap room a few weekends ago.. Hopefully once Caleb's in school I'll be able to scrap when Chloe naps. YAY!! 

Well, she's crying as we speak.. Gotta run. Til next time...