Monday, August 30, 2010


The kiddo is now in Pre-K in our local school system. While this is his second year of Preschool, this year is different. He's actually going to an elementary school now instead of a private preschool and there are only seven kids in his class, two teachers and a speech therapist. So he's going to get lots of hands on this year and hopefully by the end of the school year, he'll be okay to go to Kindergarten.
Right now our concerns are conversing.. he doesn't do that like a normal four year old. Hopefully we can get that worked on and the potty thing (oh my God.. potty training an Autistic child is worse than child birth!) and he'll be fine.

Here are some pics from school last week. Some are from my cell phone. While I love the Droid X.. I do NOT recommend it if you want a cell with a good camera. Cause it SUCKS, Lol.

His teacher, Ms. Heather.

This was day 3, I think. He BEGS to go to school now. He LOVES it!

The too big backpack we had to buy just so his required binder would fit. OMG, it's almost as big as him! LOL
Made me sad to have to buy him a big boy backpack. I miss his little Elmo backpack. LOL
Ah well.. he is growing up. I just need to get over it. LOL

And I got a good portion of my scraproom done over the weekend. Hubby put up my desks and yesterday Caleb and I used my Cricut to make an All About Me collage for his cubby at school.
YAY! I think I might see scrapping sometime in the near future. We'll see. Hubby is going to be home 11 days this month. Yep, not fun. Cause usually when he is home, we are trying to spend quality time together and scrapping is my thing.. I try to do that when he's busy with Caleb or something.

Maybe I'll get to scrap in October....

Saturday, August 21, 2010


We are going to IKEA tomorrow to buy two of these...

And then once those are installed and a few things are moved around and stored, I should be able to scrap my heart out. Can't wait!! :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Pink Paislee Warehouse Sale goodies :)

So okay, I haven't exactly been scrapping (much). But that doesn't mean I can't collect (read: BUY) scrap crap, right?! Ha!

A friend told me about Pink Paislee's warehouse sale over the weekend and I jumped on it. I missed my chance last year when they had one and moped around for a while about it so I knew I had to get in on it this year. And OMG, it did not disappoint!!
I got my big box today and here's what I got:
(pics from cell phone.. sorry)

6x6 paper pads and flip notes from 365 Degrees, Queen Bee & Bayberry Cottage:

Two canvas/chipboard Artisan albums. Love them!

7 packages of alphas.. cardstock and mini

3 packages of glittered chipboard alphas. Just like Thickers.. LOVE them!

365 Degrees & Queen Bee Borderlines
Queen Bee & Bayberry Cottage Punchouts

Twenty sheets of patterned paper from Queen Bee, 365 Degrees, Twilight, Amber Road, Mistletoe & Co.
Includes two sheets from the brand new Sweetness and Parisian Anthology collections :)

Two Pixee Stix, Artisan Tape and Queen Bee Bella brads (these will look yummy in the center of some Prima's!)

Queen Bee Press Ons and Cork Buttons, Artisan alphas (I have wanted these forever!) and Ribbon Pleats (something else I've wanted a while!)

How yummy is all of that!? It's over $125 worth of product for $40! WOW!!!
Thank you, Pink Paislee! Love your product! :)

Let's see.. What else have I been doing?
Well I took a mini card class at Archiver's last week. I had a blast. I got to make nine cute little cards and then afterwards, I scrapped with a few local Indy friends. Love Archivers!
And I looooove living so darn close to one now!

We got Caleb registered for his second year of Pre-K. We all met his teacher, saw his classroom, etc. and I think he's going to be just fine there. (he didn't want to leave, LOL)
He starts on Monday!

Here's what he's been up to lately. He pretty much hangs outside all day. Literally HANGS. lol

Isn't he just the cutest. I know I'm biased but seriously.
People tell me all the time that he is adorable. Strangers in the store, pretty much anyone that sees him and he says "Hi" to, LOL (which he does ALOT of).
How my own family cannot love him is beyond me. Please pray for them, they really need it.
- but Caleb is not without people that love him.. Doug's family fawns all over him. But they live in other states :(

And he is getting better with his communication skills each and every day. I pray that he is cured from Autism. But if not, then we'll deal with it. Because he is one special kid and so so SMART.. oh my God! I couldn't ask for a better son.

Well, that's all I have for now. Hopefully I'll be scrapping next week (fingers crossed).

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Okay folks.
So I'll be honest. Because I am always very honest. Sometimes TOO honest, ha ha.

I haven't done squat in my scraproom all week. My hubby was out of town last week and this week for 8 days total and well, I've been too busy watching this little boy

play on this

and just hanging outside in general, enjoying the Summer.

I love playing with my son.
Kids are only little once so I want to spend as much time with him as I can and right now, I feel it's pretty important.
He starts his second year of preschool in two weeks and then maybe I'll have some time to devote to scrapping :)

Until then, see you and have a great end of Summer!!