Thursday, July 28, 2011

If you love The Girls' Paperie and have a Tuesday Morning near you...

RUN, don't walk to your nearest store! The Girls' Paperie is no longer in business so it's hard to find the older lines but Tuesday Morning has bagged kits for $19.99 that are worth double+!

I got the "Toil & Trouble", "On Holiday", "Tinsel & Twig" and "Paper Girl" kits. (thank you Daddy for the birthday money) :) :) :)
You get ALL the embellies and stamps for each line plus the paper!!! Can you believe that!?!
("Toil & Trouble" actually came with two of several of the embellies and "Tinsel & Twig" did not come with ANY paper but, it was still worth the price. The stamps alone retail for $10).

Anyway, check it out :) And if you are the Indy area, the Carmel location has the most kits left. E. 96th street has a few but Carmel definitely has the most (all except the "Toil & Trouble".. I took the last one of those).

Okay, I'm done enabling.. I'm off to try and scrap a little bit. Have a great night!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!!

Today is my 37th Birthday!!

And guess what!?, I'm okay with turning 37.
I've lost alot of weight and am starting to feel really good about myself. Better than I've felt in five years.
And my surgeon has given me the go-ahead to start trying for baby #2 next Spring. So I am anxiously waiting for that :)

Anyhoo, my friend Michele came over today and I scrapped my first LAYOUT in over seven months.
Not of Caleb though.. of Michele's son, Elijah.
What a cutie-pie he is, that Elijah.. SOOOOO precious, too. He is "Aunt Jenny's" favorite one-year old :)
It's a very simple layout using the Imaginisce "Animal Crackers" line and my Mickey/Disney Cricut cartridge.
Here's a cell phone pic (2) of the layout that Michele took.

And then here are some flowers I've been making a ton of (again, cell phone pics - sorry)

Sunday, Michele and I are going to take a mini card class at Archivers. (YAY) and on Aug 13th we are attending a twelve hour crop with my old NJS gang. Can't wait! I can't wait to get some layouts done! I got Caleb's birthday pics back today from the printer and can't wait to scrap them.
I hope everyone is having a great week. Until next time,

Thursday, July 21, 2011

5th Birthday Pics

Well, I'm probably not going to get any scrapping done this week like I thought. Hubby went out of town and this weekend is a no-go. We have friends coming over for dinner and fun .. then of course church. And with only five days til my birthday, I'm hoping we get to go on a date for that :)

But I did make tons of handmade flowers with my friend Michele yesterday. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pics before I let her take them home. But I made them with this as well as just tearing paper into a spiral (I actually like the torn look better).

Here are some pics from Caleb's 5th Birthday party on June 26th. We had his party at this spray/fun park.. he loved it!
Hopefully I'll get to scrap these soon :)

"Woody" piggy bank from The Petrey's

I asked him what he wanted for his birthday several times and each time all I heard was a TRAFFIC LIGHT. So that's what he got (along with several other things.. mostly Cars 2 stuff)

Playing with the military vehicles he got from Mimi & Poppy (my parents)

The $15 balloons that last two days

Daddy pushing him and a few of his guests.. loved it!

My step-dad going down the slide. As you can see, Caleb thought it was hilarious!

"Woody" cake from The Cakehole in New Palestine, IN. I didn't get to eat any but heard it was scrumptious!

My Mom trying to recapture her youth

Step-dad & Mom

My friend Michele's little boy, Elijah. Caleb and Elijah have the same birthday, four years apart

Caleb and his Best Friend Jason Jr.
Jason was SOAKED from the spray park and Caleb hates being wet so he told him to stay away so Jason poked him on the nose.

And apparently that amused Caleb, LOL

Well that's it for now. Have a GREAT weekend and, STAY COOL!

Monday, July 18, 2011

I'm going to scrapbook soon....

Saturday Daddy took Caleb to the Indy Children's Museum so I worked on organizing my scraproom. I have friends that come over to scrapbook but we always end up scrapping on the floor or the table b/c my room was/is still a mess!

But I got alot done. WHOO HOO!

And yesterday, we went down to IKEA where I bought another VIKA ALEX storage unit as well as a shelf that attaches to my IKEA desk. That will free up some desk space for me :)

I still feel like I don't know where certain things are and so I'm going to have to spend some time labeling. But before I do that, I really just want to make a few layouts with some of the new paper I've bought in the past month. Other than cards, I haven't scrapbooked since December, I think? I really have the bug.. I miss it horribly.

Stay tuned. Barring unforseen circumstances like hubby going out of town for a week (like last week) or me going back into the hospital, I think some scrappy layouts will be posted soon :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

It's been a LOOOONG time!

Geez, it's been forever since I've been on here. I even forgot my login password, LOL.

Well, I haven't had any scrappy news to report. I went back into the hospital after the last visit I posted about. That time I had fluid on my lungs and was in there for three days. Then a week later an xray showed I had Pneumonia. I had that for two weeks. I was back to living downstairs that whole time and the scraproom is upstairs :(
This was all a result of the first hospital visit. They pumped me full of too much fluid.

So I pretty much quit scrapbooking. I never have time anymore. After losing 130+ pounds, all I want to do is shop and do things outside with Caleb. We also bought a membership to the Indianapolis Children's Museum so we are staying pretty busy.
I am hoping once the colder weather comes in, I will get back to scrapping. I am still BUYING scrap stuff... just rarely use it. I do take classes from time to time at Archivers though.. love that place. (and it's only 3 miles away!!!)

Caleb turned FIVE on June 27th. We had a party the day before at a local spray park. He wouldn't get in the water but he did enjoy the regular park next to it.
Here's a pic from that day. I'm sure I'll post more of the pics later or scrap them so you can see them.

Til then, have a great Summer! I know we sure are having fun!