Friday, October 12, 2012

New pics

Here are two recent pics (taken yesterday). At 9.5 weeks pregnant, I'm already starting to show! And I've gained six pounds! Crazy!

NYC "Babymoon"

Realizing we might not get another vacation in a LONG time, my husband took us to NYC on a "babymoon" Fri-Tues. I had a BLAST! Here are a few pics from my cell phone/instagram:

The new Freedom Tower (still under construction)
The living room in our suite at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel
Looking south from atop Rockefeller Center
The Statue of Liberty
From my point & shoot camera: Doug and I on a romantic carriage ride in the rain. Central Park is very neat. I can't believe how big I look here. But I'm wearing a coat 3x too big. It was cold that day! Time to get a new Winter coat...
The eleven scarves I bought in Chinatown/Little Italy (two of them are for friends). All but two of them were $5 each. I might have a (slight) scarf obsession now :)
The Brooklyn Bridge from the harbor cruise we took.
Times Square!
Central Park

This place in Little Italy had the best pesto/chicken pizza!
I had the MOST fun in Chinatown/Little Italy. I love cheap wares (scarves/souvenirs) and they have the BEST pizza there!

It was an AWESOME trip and I'm so thankful that my husband recommended we go!