Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So ya like my new look?

I'm really diggin' it. And LOVE how I can make a scrapbook page into a title!
I might just mess around with it somemore and see what else I can come up with :)

Nothing much going on in the world of scrappin' for me right now.
My organizing plan stalled out when I ran out of the paper I needed to alter a few decorations in my room. Hopefully soon I'll be able to resume that and show y'all pictures. I am lovin' my room.. it's pretty awesome if I do say so myself, tee hee ;)

It's an AWESOME day outside so I've been out playing with Cay and we had a friend come over to play. Caleb has actually been interested in spraying himself (and others!) with the hose. Which is something that has shocked the heck outta me! (he's afraid of the tub STILL). Too bad it's a bit too chilly out for water play. But it will be nice when it's 80+ outside, LOL.

As soon as hubby gets home we're going to grill some burgers and play outside
somemore. Storms are going to roll in tomorrow so we gotta get our play on while we can, LOL.
Have a great rest of the week, everyone!!!

OH! When you have time check out the challenges on the IF IT'S GROOVY blog. There are some awesome prizes this month.. We have a great sponser who makes custom stamps.. Check it out!
And just an FYI.. We'll be having an online crop sometime this Summer.. dates to come. Hope you can join us!



4guysandagirl said...

Love your new blog!!!! I've tried the cutest blog and I can't get it, but I will definitely have to try it again the next time I have an afternoon to mess with it!

jinxi~ aka angi said...

YES, I love it. I love how springy it is.

Have a good time with the great weather and playing out side with Caleb!

Heidi M said...

Love the new look! Awesome!

BethieJ said...

LOVE the new look Jenny!! Enjoy your outside time! Raining BUCKETS and BUCKETS here.. sigh.. they say sun is coming.. I hope so! I want to do some grilling here! :)
have a great night!