Monday, June 29, 2009

Picture Overload!!

Shhhoooo, I am partied out!
You probably won't see any scrappy stuff from me until after my monthly crop in two weeks. I'm just tired and need a break. This whole party planning, housecleaning and entertaining of guests all month has pooped me out! LOL
But it was SO worth it. My little guy had an awesome party and had SO much fun!!

Here are some more of the pics taken by Nikole. There are a ton more.. I'll post them later.
And I'll be back later with pics from his party, spraypark and bounce zone!


Shell said...

Oh my good god! Awesome awesome pictures, girl. He's adorable!

Okay, please please tell me next time you and Dougie go out, I want to steal him for a few hours. So so cute!

And yes, I got your card. It will forever be hanging on my fridge. It's a piece of art!