Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sad News

My husband has lost his job of three years.

Our health insurance is gone now, too.
I am still shocked. We knew it was possible but not THIS soon.
Lord help us.
Please keep us in your prayers. We have no savings. We were doing the Dave Ramsey program and finally getting back on track then this happens.
He has filed for unemployment but it pays 1/3 of what his salary was.

He is definitely looking for jobs in other states. He has 11 years sales experience and has been selling million dollar large machinery for the last three years. If you hear of anything, please let me know.

I know God will help us through this. I have faith.


Michelle said...

Oh Jenny, so sad to hear this about your husband's job. I will keep your family in my prayers and I'll keep my ears open out here in California for you. Things will work out, keep your faith in the Lord.

Michelle said...

Hi Jenny - I don't know if your husband has tried looking through the craigslist jobs for your area but it's worth a shot. Here is a link to the site.


Jenny B in Indy said...

Hey Michelle,
We will DEFINITELY check out Craig's List. I never even thought to look there. Thanks so much!

Also, he is very interested in moving to another State so please keep your ears open for any sales/territory manager positions. I would SO appreciate that!
And, he has family in California. His dad just moved to Temecula and he has an uncle in Anaheim and a cousin in LA. We wouldn't mind moving there :)

Deann said...

Hi Jenny - I know we don't talk anymore and I have no idea how to e-mail you so I wanted to post a comment and tell you that I'm very sorry this is happening. I know being at the holidays probably makes it that much harder. I hope Doug is able to find something very soon and I'll keep y'all in my prayers.

Kristy said...

I am sorry to hear that. I am in the same boat, my husband lost his job in August. I am greatful that I still work, but now I am not getting a paycheck, just paying for insurance. I will keep you in our prayers as well. I know it is tough.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jenny, this just breaks my heart. I'll be praying that a NEW job will open up soon. God will take this horrible circumstance and turn it around for the good of you and your entire family. His grace is SUFFICIENT! Love you...((((HUGS)))


Heidi M said...

It's been so long since we talked but I think about you often. I will definately keep you guys in my prayers. If you end up in the Houston area, please let me know.

Jenny B in Indy said...

THanks ladies, I appreciate your comments.

Heidi, Houston IS possible. Doug would love to live near his Mom and I hear the economy down there hasn't been hit near as hard as here in the midwest.
We'll see. Right now he is interviewing for a company to be a sales mgr in Northern California. WOW that will be a HUGE change but I love an adventure.. LOL

Anyway, thanks for the thoughts and prayers.

Kelsey_N said...

Hi Jenny,

Very sad to hear about your husband losing his job. Know that God is with you every step of the way and that whatever He has in store for you and yours, you will come out stronger. Keep faith in Him and stay strong!