Saturday, July 10, 2010

Oh My Good God!

I think it might just take WEEKS to get this new scraproom unpacked!!
We started moving 9 days ago and I JUST NOW got my computer hooked up! Yikes!

Stay with me.. I promise, I'll be back and hopefully with some cute projects :)

For now, here are some NON SCRAPPY things that have been going on (other than the big move):

Caleb turned four on June 27th.
We took him to Monkey Joe's to bounce and had pizza, his favorite. It was just us three and it was probably his best birthday yet. I'm glad I didn't go all out again this year and do a party. I loved the intimacy of it just being us three.

On June 30th he was diagnosed with PDD-NOS, aka Pervasive Developmental Disorder.
The way it was explained to us is that he has some signs of being on the very LOW end of the Autism spectrum and with help, he can actually grow out of them because he is lucky in that his only problems are with communication and he keeps saying new things day after day (with less Echolalia).
SO glad to have some answers.. finally :)

Then my Mother in Law (aka Mimi Marsha) flew in from Houston to help us move. She was a huge help. She helped me clean the new house from top to bottom and Caleb was just in love with her. Here they are playing out in the new backyard.

And then just a random shot of him in the new backyard. He is out there at least half the day and just loves it. Thank God for fences and big yards! :)

"See" you all later, I have some Facebook catch up to do :)