Monday, August 30, 2010


The kiddo is now in Pre-K in our local school system. While this is his second year of Preschool, this year is different. He's actually going to an elementary school now instead of a private preschool and there are only seven kids in his class, two teachers and a speech therapist. So he's going to get lots of hands on this year and hopefully by the end of the school year, he'll be okay to go to Kindergarten.
Right now our concerns are conversing.. he doesn't do that like a normal four year old. Hopefully we can get that worked on and the potty thing (oh my God.. potty training an Autistic child is worse than child birth!) and he'll be fine.

Here are some pics from school last week. Some are from my cell phone. While I love the Droid X.. I do NOT recommend it if you want a cell with a good camera. Cause it SUCKS, Lol.

His teacher, Ms. Heather.

This was day 3, I think. He BEGS to go to school now. He LOVES it!

The too big backpack we had to buy just so his required binder would fit. OMG, it's almost as big as him! LOL
Made me sad to have to buy him a big boy backpack. I miss his little Elmo backpack. LOL
Ah well.. he is growing up. I just need to get over it. LOL

And I got a good portion of my scraproom done over the weekend. Hubby put up my desks and yesterday Caleb and I used my Cricut to make an All About Me collage for his cubby at school.
YAY! I think I might see scrapping sometime in the near future. We'll see. Hubby is going to be home 11 days this month. Yep, not fun. Cause usually when he is home, we are trying to spend quality time together and scrapping is my thing.. I try to do that when he's busy with Caleb or something.

Maybe I'll get to scrap in October....


4guysandagirl said...

OMgosh! I took a summer off (away from the computer) and I've missed it all!! Your house is gorgeous! Has Caleb been diagnost with autism? Where are ya'll living now? Catch me up girl! BTW, I am LOVING all that Pink Paislee!