Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Not doing so hot...

I thought I would be back soon but, who am I kidding.. things never work out for me like that.
I few days after I came home after surgery, I developed a "Seroma" under one of my incisions. Well, it became infected and basically, I am in alot of pain. Not to mention, this surgery isn't all sunshine and roses like the doctors want you to think.
I can't drink more than a small sip of water every few minutes or I get sick. I've been miserable pretty much every day since the surgery. I know in time it will get better and hey, I've lost over 30 pounds already and it's only been three weeks.
But at this point, to anyone who is even considering this surgery. I say DON'T DO IT. Maybe I'll change my mind in a few months.. we'll see.
Right now there is no scrapbooking in the near future and that really bums me out.

I do want to send some love to my friend Charlotte who sent me two boxes of Prima goodies this week. She is so awesome. I love ya girl. And thanks to all who messaged me love. Please keep praying for me. I'm really worried about this infection.