Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sometimes I just have to wonder....

Why ME, God?

I almost died over the weekend. On Wednesday the 4th, I went to the hospital to have yet another Endoscopy done to fix yet ANOTHER stricture. Well, my surgeon wasn't available and with hubbys work schedule like it is (he has to watch Caleb all day), I had to have it done by another surgeon.
Well, she tore me.
Which turned into a leak. Then renal failure, another surgery to fix the leak, three days in the ICU and then another four days in the bariatric unit. I finally got home Wednesday night and I am wiped.
No scrapping for me this month. It's all I can do to walk at this point. I am in SO much pain. Thank God for Lortab! (even though it just barely numbs the pain sometimes)

Please keep me in your prayers.