Friday, March 30, 2012

Exciting news!!

Well praise God! I'm VERY excited to announce that our offer has been excepted on a gorgeous home in Westfield, IN (about 10 or so miles from where we live now). Close to our church, church friends and my little brother and his family. We are SO excited!
I will have a new, smaller scraproom but, unlike where we live now, the setup of the home is very open. My scraproom will be right across from Caleb's bedroom and my husband will have his own office (with windows!) finally. And most importantly (to ease my fear), there is a finished basement that will serve as a tornado shelter in bad weather as well as a playroom & area for guests. WHOO HOO!! We also are gaining a 3 car garage for storage.. something we've wanted forever. YAY!!!!!!!!!

We are going to wait until the middle of June to move so that Caleb can finish out preschool here in Fishers. His new school system is just as awesome as the one here in Fishers only, it's much smaller. Which I think will be a plus for him because of the ASD.
Can't wait!

These next two months will be CRAZY busy for me so I doubt you'll see any scrappy work from me. But wait until Summer! Once my scraproom is unpacked and organized, I plan on joining my friend Beth's scrappy board and participating in a ton of challenges to get back in gear. I also plan on having my friend Teresa over to crop in my new room. Can't wait! I miss scrapbooking SO much!

Until next time,