Friday, August 14, 2009

Oh my gosh, it's Friday already!!

This week has just FLOWN by! And I've been crazy busy!!
No scrappy layouts for you, sorry. I have a bunch to share but I have to wait til I can.. tee hee :)

Caleb just turned three and is starting Preschool in a little over a week! So all week I've been selling stuff like mad to scrappy friends and on 2Peas to make some money for some school clothes (used but nice condition) for him and for tuition.
I can't believe my little boy is going to SCHOOL!! How crazy is that!
They grow up SO fast *sigh*

Here are some pics from my crop last weekend. I took alot more but it's so expensive to have them sent from my cell phone to my email so I'll just post three. These ladies are all good friends now and just SO sweet! I *luv* them :)

Kelly & Shannon.
Kelly drives all the way from Fishers to scrap with us :)
And Shannon cracks me up! She's the reason why I don't get much done at the crops, LOL.

Melissa (co-founder) & Barb.
Barb drives all the way from the west side of Indy for our crops! And she also won a contest I had going on. She won a Fiskars trimmer. Way to go, Barb!

Here is Melva sharing her laptop and Cricut with some of the other girls. Mama Melva is SO sweet!

Well, I'm off to make dinner. Hopefully I'll get some scrapping done this weekend. Have a great one, y'all!


BethieJ said...

What GREAT photos Jenny!! Looks like a GREAT time!!!