Thursday, August 27, 2009

A few more days til I can announce my great news, I can't wait!!!

Til then, here are some pics of Cay on his first day of Preschool (Monday).
There has been a tad bit of crying b/c he's so tired. He is still getting used to taking his nap an hour later than normal. But other than that, he is totally loving it!
And Mama is loving the extra 2.5 hours I get to myself. I'm doing some work for hubby, things that he needs done to be more productive at his job.

I also cut Caleb's hair myself a week ago. It was getting really long on top. I saved the hair but forgot to take pics. Bad bad Mommy! :(
I guess I can always use these pictures...

At home ready to go:

He just walked into class.. didn't even kiss me goodbye, LOL:

He loves his teacher:

Ready to go home for a nap.. Let's go home, Mama!

TFL!! Have a great weekend, everyone!