Saturday, September 19, 2009

Our New Home...

We are hoping to move to Kansas City. But that's pretty much a pipe dream b/c of this economy. So Greenwood it is!
I love Greenwood. Doug and I talked about moving there years ago.
I am excited to be moving but so sad at the same time to leave my local friends and scrap girls. But I know that I'll still be able to go to the monthly crops.. it'll just be a drive, LOL.
And I know that this is the best move for our family right now. I think I am most excited that Caleb will be in a WAY better school system :)

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See up there where it reads Anderson/Pendleton? That's where we live NOW. We are moving about 60 miles south to Greenwood.
Much closer to Indy.. shopping.. excellent school system called Center Grove ..
And here's where the Archivers is.. tee hee

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Anonymous said...

i'm excited for you three. i know moving is hard and you are not happy about moving caleb out of the preschool there but in the long run, i really think its the best move. madison county is just dead,there's no one for you there. you need to be closers to dougs job and caleb will thrive in those schools down there. i've heard excellent things about cg.
you know you three are in my prayers girl. i love you all and may god bless you and help you find the perfect home down there.
and of course, i've aready told you but i love the work you've been doing lately and i think cherith is really going to love the babys album.
love you

Kristy said...

You will love it in Greenwood. We live on the east side of Indianapolis and we head down there for a lot of things. You need to check out the Christmas Tree Store (by Joann), and Flower Factory (by United art and Education, another great store. They are both off of 31. Flower Factory has everything under the sun, along with scrapbooking supplies. You will enjoy it down there. Its a lot different than Anderson area.
I hope your move is a good one.

Jenny B in Indy said...

Thanks Kay & Kristi.
Kristi, DH & I actually used to go down to Greenwood alot when we first married.. We almost built a house in the Hansen & Horn community off the road that runs parallel with I65 but built in Anderson instead (BIG mistake!).
I loooove Flower Factory, they used to have one up in Castleton that I belonged to. I miss it!

BethieJ said...

Jenny.. WHEN are you moving? GOOD LUCK GIRLY!!
CONGRATS on the 33 down too.. saw that below! YEAH!
THANKS for stopping by my bloggy! and I wanted to let you know that the treat is on the way.. SORRY last week was swamped for me and I didnt get to the PO.. it will be there this week! NOW when you have your new addy be sure to share!
Have a GREAT day!

Jenny B in Indy said...

Hey Bethie! I forgot you were sending me a card, I can't wait to get it, I love your work!

We are moving by March 1st. Probably sooner but that is the date we are shooting for. We want to get the worst of the Winter out of the way before we move.

Sandy said...

Good luck on your moving venture. Hope everything goes smoothly for you and your family. :)

ellen s. said...

yeah! i love moving, LOL. the excitement and newness of it all is so great. good luck and the map was cool! tfs

Deann said...

Hi Jenny---I wanted to say thank you for the comment you left on my blog! Congrats on your upcoming move!