Friday, October 16, 2009

Watch Your Effing Language!!

Okay so I'll admit, I am weird about cursing. I hate it when people do it around me.. especially my hubby. He works in an industry around men (white collar, upper middle class men.. not who you would expect) that do nothing but curse constantly and he's picked it up.
And unfortunately, it's wore off on me a bit.
I try SO hard not to curse. I mean, SO hard. Cause I HATE it. I just think there are other ways to express yourself.
But alas, I have succumb to cursing a bit and unfortunately, it wasn't hubby that taught Caleb his first curse word. It was me *sigh*.

When Lynnette first presented this challenge to me I backed out of it. We're allowed one "pass" during our term and this was the one I was going to pass on. It just didn't feel right.
But then I thought about it and realized ya know, scrapbooking, like life, is not just about candy coating things. We need to scrap the good AND the bad. So here ya go.
Here is my WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE challenge.

Check out the challenge requirements and all the awesome work from my fellow DT members over on the CANDY SHOPPE DESIGNS blog :)
The prize is AWESOME and the challenge is being sponsored by Memorable Seasons.. check them out!

In other news, I finally went to the doctor. I had a cold that turned into Strep and a sinus infection. I am now on antibiotics and should be well enough for my scrapbook retreat that is ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!!
OMG!!!! I am SOOOOO excited but admit that I'm not sure what all to take.
How does one fit an entire scraproom into a small SUV? LOL

Have a great week, ladies!


Candy Shoppe Designs said...

I have an idea for what to pack for your scrap retreat next week....take some goodies to work on your November Challenges for C.S.D. This way you can pass the word on about C.S.D. and perhaps get some new Sweethearts for us. hehehe

I loved that you caved and did the challenge after all. It's a REALLY cute page and I'm sure other people (besides your bff) will agree. ;)

Jenny B in Indy said...

LOL Lynnette!
I'm actually getting a pretty positive response from it. BFF #2 is the only one that's given me grief about it so far :)

And yeah, I'm sure I'll work on the challenges there. I hope, anyway. I honestly might save them til I get home. I like to work on CSD challenges at home where I'm not limited on scrappy supplies, KWIM? :)

Anonymous said...

Loving this Jenny! So cute!!!

Teresa Kline aka va.sunshine said...

adorable page, and your little stinker is adorable too!

enjoy *~*