Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Retreat Projects

As I mentioned already, I got to the retreat late and left a day early because of sickness. So I didn't do near as much as I had planned.
But here are a few things I worked on...

Treat cups for Caleb's preschool Halloween party on Friday:

"Mama's Best C'mas Gift" (Caleb's 1st C'mas - not quite six months old):

Too {Two} Cute to Spook - Halloween 2008 (Caleb was two):

Here are some retreat pics.
I tried to stay out of them as much as possible because most of you know I hate having my picture taken. And I forgot my camera *gasp*.
I'm not in the group shot, that was taken on Sunday after I left .. there are several people missing. I think there were 57 ? ladies at the retreat this year. (up 20+ from last year!)

These ladies won the decorate your door contest. I didn't participate, I was having a hard time even scrapping as it was! (sick)
Isn't this the coolest!? They used real tree limbs!


Outside our meeting hall.. gorgeous!

My treat cups in progress:

There are lots more pics, just waiting for people to upload them.

I still feel like a train ran over me.. I still haven't even bothered to put away the stuff from my retreat. Oiy, what a task! LOL
And you don't even want to know what a mess my house is. Doug was so sick while I was gone that he didn't keep it kept up and I haven't felt like doing much other than dishes and laundry since I got home. Sure hope I feel better soon, it needs cleaned! LOL

TFL! Have a great week, y'all! Hope you are well!


Olgy said...

The decorated cups are so adorable!