Friday, April 16, 2010

To my readers

I know I haven't posted much. Life is crazy and I haven't been scrapbooking nearly as much as I should.
My husband started another job two weeks ago.. His DREAM job and well, he's been out of town ALOT and it's only going to get worse the next five weeks.
Let's see, He's going to Orlando, then Virginia, then Toronto, Canada. Then New York and finally Iowa. All by the end of May. Then once he's done with his trips for a while, we're going to be moving. And guess what? We still have no clue WHERE, LOL. It's tough finding a nice home to rent. It seems like everyone has lost their homes and are renting now and as soon as I find a home that is perfect for us, it's been scooped up thirty minutes before I call about it (LITERALLY).
So anyway.. I've been busy.
I can't scrap when hubby is gone. My 3.5 year old is just WAY too into Mommy's scrappy stuff.. it just doesn't work.
You won't see me on here much anymore. I've been contemplating closing down my blog but we'll see. I'm not sure I'm ready to give it up altogether because once we have moved and things have settled, I'm going to be in an even better scrapbook room and hopefully have my mojo back :)

So bye for now. Please keep us in your prayers and say a prayer I get some scrapping done soon. I miss it.

Love you all and, I'll be back :),


jinxi~ aka angi said...

Well sometimes we just have to put things on hold. I can certainly understand that. I cant wait to see you creating again, but only when its making you happy!

I wish you the best finding a place and will say some prayers too! :)

Movalgal said...

Stay strong! I was in your shoes about 6 mths ago. I know it's hard not to just break down and just cry!!! Good Luck with finding a place.

Lynnette Davis said...

Good Luck on the new move Jenny! Can't wait to hear where you end up moving to.

BethieJ said...

Jenny GOOD LUCKY GIRL!! No dont close the blog.. we would MISS you! :)
Hope you found a LOVELY home to rent!
Have a GREAT day!

Zoa said...

Aww Jenny- don't close your blog! It will be waiting for you whenever you come back (and so will we!) I am happy that Doug found a new job, and although I know it is hard for him to be gone, I know it is such a blessing to you guys that he has work!! Good luck on the move- I know God has something great for you guys!! hugs!!