Thursday, July 21, 2011

5th Birthday Pics

Well, I'm probably not going to get any scrapping done this week like I thought. Hubby went out of town and this weekend is a no-go. We have friends coming over for dinner and fun .. then of course church. And with only five days til my birthday, I'm hoping we get to go on a date for that :)

But I did make tons of handmade flowers with my friend Michele yesterday. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pics before I let her take them home. But I made them with this as well as just tearing paper into a spiral (I actually like the torn look better).

Here are some pics from Caleb's 5th Birthday party on June 26th. We had his party at this spray/fun park.. he loved it!
Hopefully I'll get to scrap these soon :)

"Woody" piggy bank from The Petrey's

I asked him what he wanted for his birthday several times and each time all I heard was a TRAFFIC LIGHT. So that's what he got (along with several other things.. mostly Cars 2 stuff)

Playing with the military vehicles he got from Mimi & Poppy (my parents)

The $15 balloons that last two days

Daddy pushing him and a few of his guests.. loved it!

My step-dad going down the slide. As you can see, Caleb thought it was hilarious!

"Woody" cake from The Cakehole in New Palestine, IN. I didn't get to eat any but heard it was scrumptious!

My Mom trying to recapture her youth

Step-dad & Mom

My friend Michele's little boy, Elijah. Caleb and Elijah have the same birthday, four years apart

Caleb and his Best Friend Jason Jr.
Jason was SOAKED from the spray park and Caleb hates being wet so he told him to stay away so Jason poked him on the nose.

And apparently that amused Caleb, LOL

Well that's it for now. Have a GREAT weekend and, STAY COOL!