Monday, July 18, 2011

I'm going to scrapbook soon....

Saturday Daddy took Caleb to the Indy Children's Museum so I worked on organizing my scraproom. I have friends that come over to scrapbook but we always end up scrapping on the floor or the table b/c my room was/is still a mess!

But I got alot done. WHOO HOO!

And yesterday, we went down to IKEA where I bought another VIKA ALEX storage unit as well as a shelf that attaches to my IKEA desk. That will free up some desk space for me :)

I still feel like I don't know where certain things are and so I'm going to have to spend some time labeling. But before I do that, I really just want to make a few layouts with some of the new paper I've bought in the past month. Other than cards, I haven't scrapbooked since December, I think? I really have the bug.. I miss it horribly.

Stay tuned. Barring unforseen circumstances like hubby going out of town for a week (like last week) or me going back into the hospital, I think some scrappy layouts will be posted soon :)