Friday, January 16, 2009


MINUS TEN DEGREES... That's the temperature right now here in Madison County, Indiana. That's not the wind chill. That is the ACTUAL TEMPERATURE.
The wind chill is -25 below. YIKES!!
Doug and I just got done (mostly Doug) putting plastic on Caleb's window. It's so cold out, there was a draft in there and we were worried he'd be too cold. Well, it's so cold out that the plastic wasn't sticking to the flippin' double sided tape so it took forever. THREE FLIPPIN' HOURS and TONS of packaging tape later, it's done and Caleb's room is all nice and toasty and he's passed out all snug in his bed.

It FINALLY snowed yesterday.. 5 inches. Plenty for playtime for one little 2.5 year old boy. But because of the frigid temps, we can't take him outside to play. I'm praying that this weekend it will warm up yet the snow will stay put and he'll be able to go out and Mama can get some good snow pics. After all, as a scrapbooker, I *have* to have snow pics! Right!? :)

It's 1am. I'm going to catch up on some friends blogs and get my cold butt in bed.
Night night!

.... OHHHHH yeah!!!
I want to tell Heidi and Kate I love ya.. Thanks so much for the blog candy and goodies today :)
And Tracy, I hope you feel better soon, chica!


4guysandagirl said...

My goodness!!! I hate the cold!!!! You MUST move to NC. LOL. Although don't move today because it's only going to be 27. We haven't had cold like this in 10 years!!! That was the year we got a fluke snow storm... 17+ inches. Our town didn't move for a week. Completely paralized! Hope we don't see it again anytime soon!

tracy said...

hey girl! i am better today but i am afraid that henry is getting the cold now. i was afraid that might happen! nothing scrappy happening here. i am going to an all day crop next saturday and i cant wait! wish you lived closer you could go with me!

Heidi M said...

Brrr. Cold. You need to move down south. It is pretty warm here. You are quite welcome for the goodies.

emily said...

okay, i'm cold just reading the temp there!
holy moley!
thanks for stopping by my blog...and stay WARM!!