Friday, January 23, 2009

Caleb likes trips to the store with Daddy!!

They always result in a new toy! LOL
I guess he saw this from a few aisles away and yelled TRUCK, TRUCK!
Doug said it melted his heart so he just HAD to buy it for him! LOL


Sarah Mullanix said...

This will totally be what my hubby does with our little baby boy once he's bigger. He already indulges our daughters with candy everytime they venture out with him, so now that he can relate to the boy toys I'm sure there will be lots of of trips to the store and lots of toys making it back home. It's really cute though!!


4guysandagirl said...

Baby would LOVE that fire truck!! And why is it that the Dad's get all the fun???

Heidi M said...

Kiddos know which buttons to push don't they. He is so adorable I would have a hard time saying no to that sweet face that is for sure.