Wednesday, January 7, 2009

So much has been accomplished already this year...

With Mr. Cay Cay.
My little guy has always been afraid of water. He hated baths. At almost 2.5, he still cried when we put him in the bathtub. But this week, he's been very very good at bathtime.. He is actually ENJOYING the bathtub. And here are some pics!!

I couldn't be more happy about this! I just hope he stays like this.. Then maybe this Summer he will actually enjoy the spray park.. unlike last year.
One thing though.. He won't sit down in the water. How do I encourage him to sit in the water without messing up his new found love for it? Do I just wait and let him do it on his own or push it and risk making him afraid of the water again?

Also, Caleb said two 2 and 3 word sentences yesterday!!
"What's this?" was said when his speech therapist was here (out of the blue, no coaxing) and when Daddy got home he asked Daddy four times "Where are shoes?" (he always thinks when Daddy gets home he is going to go outside and get the mail with Daddy, LOL).
Now, I didn't hear the latter but Doug swears he said it so I'm sure he did. As a Mother of a 2.5 year old that doesn't speak much, this is a HUGE deal. I'm very very happy about this.. My day yesterday ROCKED!

I have some scrappy stuff to share. I made 8 cards last night. However, I cannot share them yet b/c they are for a contest and I still have a few more to do. I'll share them soon :)

Have a great day everyone!!!!


4guysandagirl said...

I'm so glad you had such a good day! I don't think I would push Caleb to sit. Baby hated the pool. He cried every time I tried to put him in and when I pushed him, he only cried harder. Something fun you could try... those soap paints. Man, my guys love those!!

Heidi M said...

Caleb is so adorable. Those are great pics. I agree with the previous poster. Don't push it. He'll sit down on his own when he is ready. Can't wait to see the cards. Hugs.

BethieJ said...

I LOVE those photos! Oh my gosh what a cutie pie!!!!
I third it ~ dont make him sit until he is ready! he will!!! That is GREAT he is back in standing up in the tub!!
My friends son wasnt much of a talker til he was 3!! Sounds like your sweetie is gonna be chattering up a storm soon too! YEAH!! I love to hear them talk!! So darn CUTE!

Jenny said...

Yay Caleb! I agree with the others..don't push him to sit. He will eventually. Hopefully we can all go to the spray park this summer!! :)

jinxi~ aka angi said...

That lil boy is the most adorable!!! Im so happy for the steps he has taken this year. You should be a proud Momma! :o)