Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Coaster Album and It's Great to be Organized!!!

I recently won the Fiskars Square-A-Licious squeeze punch and Cloud 9 Travel Line from a crop I participated in. Well, I already had some of the Travel line so I RAK'd what I had in doubles to my friend Heidi and another friend (someone in the Northwest.. tee hee hee) is going to get the above coaster album along with some of the chipboard and paper from this line.
I only STARTED the coaster album. I'm leaving it for her to finish. She's a much better scrapper than I am and I don't want to make her something she wouldn't like, KWIM?
Anyway, hope you enjoy it, chica! :)

Also, another friend got me motivated to sort my flowers by color. I just had them stuffed in a big drawer with the small ones still in their jars and I rarely used them because I couldn't SEE what all I had. My friend said I would use them more if I sorted them by color so, I got busy.
It took me about a half a day (Caleb wanted to "help", LOL) but I finished sorting and I'm thrilled with the outcome. I LOVE the space I've saved. I was able to get rid of most of my bottles and now if I want a red flower, I just go to the appropriate drawer.. No need to search for an hour trying to find the right one :) So thanks for the encouragement, H!
My flowers are divided like this:
and then I have seperate box for Neutrals.

I don't have a ton of flowers so this works for me. However, with all the new GORGEOUS Prima's that just came out at CHA W, I have a feeling I'm going to need to buy another container, LOL.

I next decided to sort my Bling/gemstones by color. I hardly ever used bling because it was all stuffed in one big compartment in my embellishment caddy. I can honestly say that since doing this two weeks ago, I have pulled out my bling case at least a dozen times and am actually USING it now! YAY!!
Next will be brad organization. I've always organized my brads by brand and theme but now I'm going to do it by color. I've already started and hope to get it done this weekend :)


Heidi M said...

I love this circle album. It is so cute!! I love the paper. Looks like you have been busy doing alot of reorganization! It looks wonderful. You won't regret it!

Jenny said...

Don't have a ton of flowers?!? Are you kidding me?!? All the flowers I have fit into a 3x5 index card thingy! :)

BethieJ said...

I LOVE all your goodies...Your so talented!! and I LOVE how your flowers and bling is organized.. hmmmm I may have to rethink all mine! HA HA!!!
Have a GREAT Day!!!

4guysandagirl said...

The album is cute!! Do you think you could come for a visit? My scrap stuff needs organizing too! LOL!