Saturday, February 7, 2009

Could he be any cuter??

Just in case you don't catch it towards the end, he is saying his colors. He says them real fast. He knows them ALL.. Including silver, gold, white, black and brown.
We are so shocked at how fast he learns stuff!

ETA: FYI- Doug is six-foot-five. So the angle he took the video at is really deceiving.
Caleb really isn't THAT close to hitting his head on the half wall behind him. Trust me, I sit in the chair to the side of him and he is a good 5" from hitting his head and that's when he's SUPER rambunctious on the horse (like in this video, LOL).
So never fear, Cay Cay isn't going to hit his head.. Mama would never let that happen :)

Caleb on his horse Feb 7, 2009 from Jenny B on Vimeo.


Heidi M said...

What a cutie pie. I love that horse. He sure goes to town on it!!! He is so adorable! Love it.

Jenny said...

How cute! He's such a maniac on that horse!! :)

BethieJ said...

Oh Jenny~ what a CUTIE PIE!!!! I love you always share videos..!! He makes me laugh riding his horsey!! hee hee! so CUTE!!!

Julie O. said...

Hi Jenny!! I don't think he could be any cuter. What a lil' cowboy! He sure likes that horse.

I love your coaster album and DO have a lot of flowers! LOL!! I know what you mean about all the new ones though. Beauties!