Wednesday, February 4, 2009


If you know me, you know I live in the above shoes in the Winter and the same black ones without a lining in the Summer. I'm a Crocs "junkie".
Well, not anymore!
Today I went to the Doctor not only to get two moles removed but also to find out why the heck my left foot has been killing me since the middle of November.
I will get up in the morning and can barely walk, the pain is so bad. And forget walking barefoot.. If I don't have thick socks or slippers on, I am in major pain!
I have cracked heels.. At times they are REALLY cracked and hurt. So Doug and I chalked the pain up to cracked heels. But when the pain wouldn't go away by using crack cream or lotion, we knew there was an issue.
It turns out I have Plantar Fasciitis.
My doctor is pretty sure I have it because Crocs are known to have little to no arch support. So I received a Cortisone shot (OH MY GOD, IT HURT MORE THAN THE SPINAL I GOT FOR MY C-SECTION!!!) and was ordered to wear either my tennies or Birks (or another shoe with great arch support) .. even around the house. Ugh. I hate wearing shoes in the house *sigh*
Anyway, Just an FYI for those of you Croc lovers. I would have never thunk it... I'm sad, I really love my Crocs :(

Afterwards, while still in alot of pain but REALLY determined to finally scrap shop OUTSIDE my home, LOL, I went to Hobby Lobby where I used my 40% coupon on the My Minds Eye "Out and About" glitter stack. It is SOOO pretty!!
(I also want the Laundry Line stack but I'm going to wait on that one)

I also bought Cay and I several Valentine crafts (40% off) and got him a stuffed Monkey (soooo cute! and, he LOVES it!!)
I don't get out much so I was THRILLED to go to Hobby Lobby.. I don't think I'd been there in at least four or five months.

Anyhoo.. That's my day.
(and I also got two moles removed. the one on my forehead and one on my shoulder.. I'm going back March 9th to get 2 or 3 more removed)

I hope everyone had a great day and has a great night! I'm scrapping tonight!! WHOO HOO!!!


Anonymous said...

OUCH! Thanks for posting about this. I found you at

Carrie M., AL