Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm in love...

Okay, due to the new crazy FTC law, you won't see many product reviews on my blog. However, I'll make one exception and tell you, I am in love...

I'm in love with some new goodies I bought recently from Oriental Trading Company.
Now I know, OTC? Really? Come on.. Who buys from OTC, right?
But really, this stuff is awesome, I was WOW'd!
But honestly, I never planned on buying anything from OTC again.. My last experience sucked. But I had this $20 gift certificate from them that I needed to use soon so I thought, what the heck, LOL.
Well to my surprise, I found THESE.. the VERY thing I was needing for my patterned paper! And such a great price, too!
After buying the paper holders I had a little more money to spend so I wandered over to the scrapbook paper section and found this.. I couldn't pass it up. It looked so pretty!
Now normally I'm not a big fan of OTC's paper so I was skeptical.. until I received it.
OMG, it is thick, DOUBLE SIDED and absolutely DIVINE!!! It looked like paper from Prima or My Mind's Eye! I was shocked!!! And there was even a gorgeous shaped paper in the pack!!

And if that wasn't enough to make me giddy inside, I then opened up the best thing.. the most pretty gorgeous paper flowers I have ever seen.. Prettier than any Prima's I've ever had.. just divine.

Look at them.. aren't they just gorgeous!?!?! And they are DOUBLE SIDED!!!!! A different pattern on both sides! AND they come in a cute little plastic container similar to the ones Making Memories sells for $2.00 each!
So I'm glad I gave OTC another chance.
I highly recommend this stuff.. All three things ROCK!

Now for the fine print:
While ***I*** love these items, you might not.
So don't go suing me if you buy them and don't like them.
Hey, feel free to send them to me, I'll gladly take them! LOL ;)


BethieJ said...

Ohhh looks like you got some FUN stuff Jenny!!!
Have a GREAT day!!

4guysandagirl said...

I am loving those papers and flowers to! What's up with the world when you can't even say what you like???? CRAZY!!!!!

Anonymous said...

those are awesome chickie. i know you are going to share, too, yeah? :-)