Friday, April 17, 2009

Just an update...

Sorry girls, things have been super busy here. We went to Indy two days this week for three doctor appointments and while we were there decided to shop a bit and take Caleb to a park. I haven't had much time to blog.
But I have been working on my scraproom here and there!!
And I now have 5 of the Cropper Hopper vertical paper bins in my possession and 3 more (generic bins from OTC but the same thing) on the way.
Just an FYI, the CH bins do NOT fit in the IKEA Expedit. However, you can cut them down to fit pretty easily.. all it takes is cutting about a half inch off the top and all is well :)

I have a busy weekend ahead. We have some household organizing that HAS to be done this weekend and I have one DT layout, two cards and a sketch due soon. Yikes!!!
So I bet you know what I'll be doing this weekend! LOL

Have a good one!! Love you all!

ETA: Oh yeah!! Caleb booger is now 31 pounds and 35" inches tall. His height measurement is probably a little off b/c he wouldn't quit squirming but the weight is good. So I'm very proud to say that he is now THRIVING.. No more worries about him being underweight. YAY!!


BethieJ said...

Jenny! Sounds like your a busy cleaning organizing mama!! YEAH that is great news about Caleb!!
Cant wait to see the photos when you finish your scrappy space!!
have a GREAT weekend!