Tuesday, April 14, 2009

WOW! Just WOW!!

Okay.. Non Scrappy post here.. But please check it out.. Especially if you love music like I do.
Or, if you just like to see the underdog win ;)

Some of you know, I love to sing.
In High School, I had plans to get my college degree in Musical Theatre and I always wanted to be an Opera Singer. And this song "I Dreamed A Dream" from Les Miserables was one that I sang solo in high school show choir several times my Senior Year. It's still one of my favorite songs and Les Mis is by far one of the best Broadway shows I've seen (except for Phantom, which Doug took me to see in NYC Christmas Night 2004 *swooning sigh*).
For those of you that haven't seen Les Mis, this lady sings this song better than the original singer!!!
This made the hair on my arms stand up!!!


Niki_Ray said...

OK that was Sooooo Cool ...and am I the only one that ended up crying watching it on youtube...hehe :P

The Haughs said...

I've seen that on the news, too. Amazing. . .

And I have decided that you will be singing for me tomorrow. Come on, you've heard me sing the CLEAN UP song for the past year, among other things. . . :)

Hope everything went well today. See you tomorrow.