Friday, October 10, 2008

Just a drive-by...

Morning girls.. It's another beautiful day outside but unfortunately, I have ALOT of cleaning to do today so, we'll be inside today at least until Doug gets home. Darn!

My MIL (mother-in-law) is visiting next week from Houston. We haven't seen her since Christmas and I'm excited that Caleb (and Doug) will get to see her again. Caleb actually tries to say "Mimi" now (which is what she's asked to be called) so I'm excited to hear him say it while she's here. So, I need to clean and get the house ready for her visit.

I've been doing tons of scrappy stuff lately. I'm on deadlines due Monday but, I'm almost done with those so it's time to take a break and start cleaning.
If I'm not blogging much in the next week, you'll know why.

Have a GREAT day, everyone!!! Love you all!

OH YEAH.. THANK YOU to the person that bought the LAST Moments to Remember OCTOBER kit!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!


Zoa said...

HI Jenny! Just wanted to visit your blog and tell you again how happy we are to have you at M2R :) I hope you have a GREAT weekend! {and I love your playlist!}