Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Visit with Gracie & Bree...

My sister in law brought my nieces over to play for a bit today. Caleb hadn't seen them in a while but every time he sees a picture of Gracie, he tries to say her name only, he doesn't say his "r" s good so it comes out like "G WAY SEE", lol. He just loves Grace, she's like a little Mama to him.
Here are pics of the three of them. Trying to get them all to look at the camera and smile was a trip and Caleb wanted to sit on Daddy's lap, he was real clingy today so, I didn't get the best pics but, here they are.

Caleb, Grace (8) & Bree (5):

And here is Gracie reading to Caleb. She LOVES to read to him :)

AND, My sister in law scrapbooks a bit and Gracie has started scrapbooking so I gave them two of my 12x12 girly albums and about 4" of girly scrapbook paper from the K&Co packs I've gotten at Big Lots and online. Who needs 3 or 4 sheets of the same paper.. Why not give it away. Know what I mean?

It looks like it's going to get cold this week, too. Possible chance of flurries Tues and Wed and low temps of 28 & 29 degrees.
WOW! I'm not ready for Winter yet... Hopefully they are wrong and Fall will stick around at least another month.
But just in case, Doug just went out and winterized the hoses and faucets outside and we bought Caleb a hat and mittens yesterday.. I suppose it's inevitable and I need to realize that. Winter is coming *sigh*.

No football today .. The Colts are playing TN tomorrow night.. Should be interesting. So I think if Caleb lets me tonight, I'm going to finally SCRAPBOOK!! WOW, what's that? It's been SO long.. LOL

Have a good rest of the weekend, folks :)


Deann said...

Cute pics! Looks like they had a great time!