Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My son is hilarious :)

If you were a child in the mid 80's you might remember the "My Buddy" dolls. My little brother had one. They were super cute and the theme song was something like "My buddy, my buddy. Wherever I go, he goes".. blah blah blah.
Well, that song is playing in my head over and over again right now.

Caleb's new obsession are two little plastic rubber ducks that my niece (Gracie) brought him on Sunday. He's been carrying them around the house non stop since then. Wherever Caleb goes, so do the duckies. It's quite cute and he is now saying "YELLOW" as a result of receiving the yellow duck.

He's attached to them like another child would be to a favorite blankie or stuff animal.. The very FIRST thing he did this morning was go get his ducks! LOL
And on the rare chance that he puts them down to eat or sleep, the ducks sit in the window sill of his bedroom, looking out the window... tee hee
So I thought I'd share some pics of Caleb's new babies :)

Here he is looking for the yellow one. Notice the concerned look on his face that he can't find it >


Dee said...

LOL! That's how Brady is with helicopters. Before long Caleb will be sleeping with them!

Jenny said...

That is so stinkin cute!