Friday, October 24, 2008

Just playing around in Photoshop

Caleb is napping.. Poor little guy has a cold.. His nose won't stop running and he's STILL teething! Ack.. when will his 2 year molars FINALLY come in? Seems like it's taking FOREVER!

Anyway, I decided to play around in PSE some more.. Here are some pics.. Which do you like for scrapbooking?


Antique with a tad bit of color:

Vivid color:

And then this is that same picture from a few posts below only, I used the antique action on it. Whatcha think?

Then here's our munchkin climbing up a homemade ramp made out of metal roofing at the pumpkin patch on Saturday. Daddy is on the left there and he's 6'5 so you can see how tall this thing was and Caleb just walked up it no problem.. Scared the crap out of me!

Mimi Marsha climbed up the ladder and met him up there, Thank God!
That kid isn't afraid of ANYTHING (except water on his head) and that really scares me sometimes...

Awe.. Here's my little guy a few weeks ago. Isn't he just so cute! I am LOVING my PSE now!


sheila said...

jen, he is so cute. i have got to get up there to see you guys! he is just getting so big! tell him jj is going to come play with him soon. i love this blog and being able to keep up with you guys. love you and miss you.