Thursday, October 9, 2008

What a BEAUTIFUL morning! .. Er, afternoon.. tee hee

Awe, what a beautiful day it's going to be!

Caleb slept til noon, gotta love a two yr old that sleeps 11-13 hours at night still. So even though I couldn't fall asleep til 4am, I was still able to get in my eight hours. Thank you, my sweet little boy! :)The sun is shining.. It's not all dreary and icky like it's been the past two days.. It's gorgeous outside!
Caleb's word of the day for yesterday was GLASSES. As in, "Hey Mom (or Dad), I love your glasses, I'm going to take them off your face now", LOL.
He kept saying it all day yesterday as he came up to me and took them off my face. Then this morning, he found them on my nightstand and brought them to me saying "GLASSES".
He also has been saying his ABC's very consistently. What 27 month old do you know that does that!? Especially one that just a month ago didn't talk AT ALL? I have a genius, I tell ya. The kid is super smart!
Now, he forgets a few letters here and there.. His ABC's are like this: "ACBDEFG JKLMOPQRST WXYZ".. It is soooo stinkin' cute!!!

Anyway, back to scrapping...

Today's PEACHY CHEAP blowout deal of the day is RIBBON! Y'all know how I loooove ribbon but, I must resist.
But that won't stop me from enabling the rest of you to buy it.. tee hee.

$5.99+$4.99 Shipping
Fancy Pants Ribbons
70% off, Regularly $20.00
(see above picture)


Jennifer said...

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jonaks said...

yummy lace. nice blog you've got!