Sunday, July 19, 2009

Carli is in the house!!!

My BFF (since we were 12!!) is here from Grand Cayman. It's been a great time catching up with her .. I've missed her! *sigh*
One of these days (hopefully SOON) she's moving back to the states. It can't come soon enough, she is my rock and the only friend that has ever loved me through thick and thin (literally). She's never judged me for my mistakes and "gets" why I am the way that I am and loves me anyway.
Alot of my pics didn't come out but here's one that did. I plan to get some of her and I soon.

Here's Cay and "Auntie Carli". He just loves her. She took me to the Doctor Friday (that's another story *sigh*) and he just sat on her lap out in the waiting room the whole time I was in with the Doctor.. he was SO good for her which shocked me! LOL

And here's my little guy. He has the prettiest blueish-brown eyes.

We are off to the bounce/gymnastics place.. We're signing Caleb up for soccer/gymnastics soon and want to get him used to the place.
Have a great day, everyone!