Friday, July 10, 2009

Okay, finally some promised pictures

Hi Everyone! I've been busy. Way busier than I'm used to.
And I've just had NO time to keep up with my blog (and other things).
So pardon the tardiness in posting Caleb's birthday pictures.
Here are a few (unedited) pics. I have a million more but I'll spare you, LOL.

Now I'm off to do my daily chores and plan out some "kits" for use at my 12 hour crop tomorrow. I find that if I don't have a plan, I get nothing done except talking, LOL.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

6/26/09 The day before his Birthday. Escapes in Muncie. They have really cool tubes, ball pits and stuff for the kids. This is Caleb up really HIGH in the tubes (Doug's sister Erin is behind him).

Caleb coming down the slide with Aunt Erin.

The day OF his Birthday. Free spray park fun!

Playing with cousin Ryan.

Still pretty leary of the spraying water but he warmed up to it.

Party time!! 6/28/09
The baking of the cake. This was my first time EVER baking a cake (the other is for the cake balls I made).

Caleb and I made the kids little treat bags and cake pops. They were SO yummy and everyone complimented me on them. Thanks Mindy for the recipe!! :)

The set up. Even though later we decided to eat and have him open presents outside. It was just too nice to pass that up, LOL.

Caleb's elbow in the cake, LOL.
Opening presents...
Cousin Ryan LOVED Aunt Jenny's cake!
Some of the party guests:
Looking at one of the cards. The Backyardigans card, I'm sure. LOL

My Mom & Step (adopted) Dad.
My little brother and his wife (who is pregnant with "Baby Bean").



4guysandagirl said...

Itlooks like you all had a ball!!! The photos are great!!!!