Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July IF IT'S GROOVY Design Team Work

Above are my July projects for IIG.
Here is the sketch I used for the bottom card. It's by the talented (and local) Valerie Salmon :)

Thanks for looking!
I'll post Birthday pics later in the week! And hopefully I'll get some scrapping done soon. It's just been too nice and I've been WAY too busy to scrap. But ya gotta love Summer, huh? :)

Jenny :)


Jenny said...

Love em!! ;)

4guysandagirl said...

Love these projects!!!! your pictures are so good too!!

You asked about the Transformers movie... we didn't go. We heard that afternoon that it was filthy so we told the boys we'd watch it then we'd see if they could watch it. You know they show previews for that movie on the Cartoon channels!!! If it is as bad as we've heard then what in the WORLD are they doing previewing on a channel for kids!!???!!! This world has gone bonkers!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey, these are cute!