Friday, July 3, 2009

My Birthday came early this year...

I love my hubby!!

I hadn't had any new scrappy goodies in over a month and he knew how much I needed a few new things to take to my crop next weekend so he took me to Archiver's last night after Caleb's Peds appointment and let me get some stuff that matches the outfit Caleb is wearing in his new pictures (see below posts).
Our anniversary is the 9th, my Birthday is the 26th. So this is my present. But I'm cool with that.. I'm the kind of girl that wants nothing more than new scrappy stuff for her Birthday, Christmas, Valentines Day, etc.. LOL
I'm easy to please.. just get me a gift card to Hobby Lobby and I'm on cloud 9! LOL
I could be in need of clothes or shoes or anything that is really NEEDED but I'd rather have scrapbook stuff instead, LOL.
<------ major scrap addict :) And just when I didn't think it could get any better, I was informed that I had a $21.64 credit at Archiver's from something I had my sister in law take back Dec 2007.. I had completely forgotten about it and (YIKES) hadn't been into Archiver's since to use it. What a nice surprise!! MORE scrappy goodies for me. WHOO HOO!!! So what'd I get, you ask? Check it out!! EK Success border punch.. makes the "ripped notebook paper" look. How cool is that!?

Element and chip stickers from the Basic Grey Lime Rickey line:

And the line I'm using to scrap Caleb's new pics.. Basic Grey Junebug:

I got two sheets of this one. SOOOO cute!!

This was in their $1.99 spot. SO cute!

K&Co Actopus to Zelephant paper. I wanted the flash cards and diecut titles from this line but they didn't have them:

I also got two sheets of dark blue Bazzill cardstock, a die cut sheet from the Making Memories Giggle Kids boy line, a $1.99 Basic Grey owl stamp and like four or five $1.99 items from the Hot Spot.. just some older Christmas product that was pretty cute.

OMG, I'm in heaven!
I can't wait to use this stuff at my crop!! :)
New stuff for me is SO rare anymore unless I win it so, I get so giddy when I get something new. And this stuff is so awesome and is even better since I got to SEE it and FEEL it myself before choosing to buy it, something that is rare for me since I usually have to buy my stuff online. YAY!

So what's everyone up to this holiday weekend? Hubby is going to organize out in the garage and we might go to my parents tomorrow night but we're not sure. They let the fireworks off right by our house, we can see them from our backyard so, we might just stay here.
We have church on Sunday, too. But other than that, we are staying home and just relaxing.

Have a great 4th! I hope it is awesome for y'all!


Neena & Lexi said...

Hi sweetie. I'm taking Lexi to Arcadia, they're doing a show down there. Hope you and your two guys have a great 4th! I love what you bought, very cute.

4guysandagirl said...

Love the stuff!! I've been wanting to get to Archiver's for the BG bling for $1.99, but haven't been able to... yet.

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Im in heaven looking at your sweet scrappin' heaven! hehee

I love that BG line! I wish we lived closer we could do some serious scrappin' and shopping together!

ps: you and I are so much alike when it comes to scrappin' stuff rather than clothes/shoes! ;)