Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Real quick....

I am just CRAZY busy lately and WAY too addicted to Facebook! Well, FARMTOWN on Facebook, LOL.
(Darn you, Danielle!!)
Sorry I haven't been around... I promise some new work on Sunday or Monday. My crop is this weekend.
I DID make a new card but it's for the If It's Groovy DT so I can't show it til Aug 1st *sigh*.
So here's some stuff about me .. whether you like it or not! tee hee :)

8 Favorite Shows:

1- Law & Order (all 3)
2- Heroes
3- Survivor
4- Big Brother
5- Jon & Kate plus 8 (and it PAINS me to admit this but I'm more addicted now because of all the dang controversy!)
6- Criminal Minds
7- Little People, Big World
8- Ruby

8 Things I did yesterday:
OMG.. I have a HORRIBLE memory.. I'm not sure I remember! LOL

1- Cleaned Caleb's room in the morning.. then again after nap.. then again before bed!
2- Played PlayDoh and loved it! LOL
3- Took a nap.
4- Did dishes.
5- Did laundry.
6- Make egg salad sandwiches.. Caleb loved it!
7- Watered my flowers.
8- Had a huge YUMMY sweet tea from McD's!!

8 Things I am looking forward to:

1- My 4 year Wedding anniversary on Thursday :)
2- My crop on Saturday.
3- My Birthday in three weeks.
4- The scrap retreat I *might* be going to in October.
5- Meeting my new niece or nephew in January.
6- Finally finishing Caleb's first year (scrapping).
7- The pumpkin patch with Caleb.
8- Christmas! I looooooove Christmas!!!

8 Favorite Restaurants:

1- Cancun (Castleton)
2- Olive Garden
3- Red Lobster
4- Hong Kong Cuisine (Fishers)
5- Applebees (only one thing there I love)
6- Bob Evans (yes, go ahead.. laugh)
7- Arby's
8- Any seafood place I've never been before...

8 Things on my wish list:

1- To lose a ton of weight.
2- Hubby to lose weight.
3- That Caleb is not autistic.
4- That the company hubby works for weathers this hard depression and hubby remains employed.
5- A good, TRUE friend that lives close.. preferably someone to scrap with. My BFF's are too far away!
6- Guidance on which church to commit to.
7- Patience while potty training!! LOL
8- Maid.

8 People I Tag:

Bethie J
Michelle S


4guysandagirl said...

Happy anniversary!!! So sorry I'm late. I've been bombarded by birthday preparation and summertime fun!! Hope you are doing o.k. I've missed talking to you! Later!

jinxi~ aka angi said...

I wish you all the best always.. and thank you for playing along!