Sunday, July 26, 2009

Thirty Five

It used to be such a scary number to me.
I used to see it and think, I can't have kids after I'm 35.. as if my ovaries all the sudden will go bad.

Well today I am thirty five...
And I don't feel a day over 25 and I'm actually at PEACE today. Knowing that when the time is right, we'll have another baby.. another blessing.
No, we aren't trying. It's not time yet. I am on my weight loss journey. 18 pounds down and so many more to go. I'll get there.

Thank you God for thirty five.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

August Design Team Sneaks

Hello all!
I'm excited to announce that I've been asked to stay on the Design Team for IF IT'S GROOVY for another term. (Thanks Deb *grin*)

And I have to confess.. Being honest, this Summer has been crazy for me. Between vacations, Caleb's Birthday, guests from out of town coming in, my best friends' visit and just trying to focus on spending more time with my two favorite boys, I've had little time to scrap or blog. With the exception of my one day a month that I crop with friends, I've cropped here at my home just a few times this Summer.
Some would say I'm a slacker but I assure you, I'm not. I'm NOT blocked this time.. Or lazy. I just haven't had the time.
Some of my close friends know that in the past couple of months we have come to realize that Caleb might be slightly Autistic (communication only) so I've been trying to spend extra time with him during the day.
And potty training.. oh my goodness! He has no interest. So I gave up on trying and haven't been pushing it. He'll be four before he's potty trained but I guess that's the breaks. How do you make a child that can barely ask/answer questions understand potty training? It's been tough. It hasn't "clicked" with him yet.
Yet the kid can now count to 80 uninterrupted, knows his ABC's forwards and backwards. Knows all his colors, shapes and numbers and can recite several nursery rhymes. Sometimes, it makes no sense to me.
Anyway, I don't want to get into all that but let's just say my world has been rocked a bit. We will know FOR SURE if he is Autistic in Sept or October. We are waiting for his eval at Riley Child Development center in Indy.
In the meantime, I'm trying not to read too much on the internet b/c it is all freaking me out and just making our anxiety about it worse.
He has a few signs but there are also signs of Autism that he doesn't have at all. So we are praying that he is just stubborn and doesn't want to conversate just yet, LOL.
Here is a picture Carli took Tues night of Cay & I.

I don't allow my picture to be taken very often. I've never liked pictures of myself and I've gained a ton of weight since having Caleb and I'm just embarassed of myself. And I have a major butt chin that I hate.. so you'll rarely see pics of me (if you haven't noticed that already, LOL).
But I like this one. I am kissing him and he is just so happy to be with his Mama :)

My birthday is Sunday.. I am hoping for some scrappy time but we'll see.. I might opt for a play day and dinner out with my boys instead.
So have a great rest of the week, everyone! I'll see you back here after the 1st!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Carli is in the house!!!

My BFF (since we were 12!!) is here from Grand Cayman. It's been a great time catching up with her .. I've missed her! *sigh*
One of these days (hopefully SOON) she's moving back to the states. It can't come soon enough, she is my rock and the only friend that has ever loved me through thick and thin (literally). She's never judged me for my mistakes and "gets" why I am the way that I am and loves me anyway.
Alot of my pics didn't come out but here's one that did. I plan to get some of her and I soon.

Here's Cay and "Auntie Carli". He just loves her. She took me to the Doctor Friday (that's another story *sigh*) and he just sat on her lap out in the waiting room the whole time I was in with the Doctor.. he was SO good for her which shocked me! LOL

And here's my little guy. He has the prettiest blueish-brown eyes.

We are off to the bounce/gymnastics place.. We're signing Caleb up for soccer/gymnastics soon and want to get him used to the place.
Have a great day, everyone!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hi All!

Hi everyone, I'm still Ms. Busybody.
My BFF #1 Carli is here from Grand Cayman and is coming over tonight to visit. I can't wait!

And in scrappy news did I tell y'all I sold four of my Cricut carts to my fellow croppers so now I'm going on a three day scrapbooking retreat in October with the Not Just Scrappin' gang!!!?? WHOO HOOOOOOO!!! Never would we ever be able to afford to go on my own.. Even though it's cheap (only $109), that is alot of money to us right now. So, I feel SO blessed to have sold some stuff and be able to go now!! YAY!!
There will be about 50 of us gals.. I can't wait! It's going to be a blast!!!

I've never been away from Caleb for more than 6-7 hours so this should be interesting. But, I'm really looking forward to it and am anxious. I'm wondering how I'm going to fit everything in our car, LOL.

And last night I sold a few pre-made layouts and about 300 sheets of scrapbooking paper for some extra money for some ATG gun adhesive.
I'll be set for about a year with the adhesive I bought. WHOO HOO!!!
Now I just need to get a rolling crate.. wonder what I can sell to buy that... LOL.
I love this trading and selling scrappy supplies I don't ever use. It's COOL :)

Have a great day, everyone!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Backwards ABC's & a recipe for you!

Caleb started reciting his ABC's backward yesterday.. Just totally out of the blue. And FAST, too!
At first I thought "oh my, he's super super smart".
But then I realized, this is just another sign that he might have Autism.
Anyway, check it out.

And here is the recipe for a dish my friend Koty made for the crop on Saturday.
It is sooooo yummy and relatively healthy.

Oriental Cole Slaw
1 bag cole slaw mix
1/2 bunch of green onions chopped
1 package Ramen noodles (UNcooked)
3oz bag salted sunflower seeds
1.5-2oz bag slivered almonds
Mix together in bowl

Mix in bowl 1/2 packet Oriental Ramen noodle seasoning pack
1/2 packet Chicken Ramen noodle seasoning pack
1/6 cup vinegar
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup vegetable oil

Then pour on salad and mix.

Now I am on a diet so I tried the dressing with olive oil and it did NOT taste the same at all. It wasn't very good. So I don't recommend it.
Doug isn't a salad person and he LOVES it! So give it a try :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Crop Layouts

Here are the layouts I made yesterday at my crop.
I always take alot of supplies but never enough, I'm always missing something that I need so my crop layouts never really please me. But these are okay, I think.
As my hubby says. "You don't go there to scrap, you really go there to chat with your friends!". And, he's right. That's what I do.. chat. ALOT. LOL
I also have two cards to show but those will have to wait til August 1st. And I really LOVE one of them :)

Full of So Much Wonder
Paper: Paper Loft & Basic Grey June Bug
Chipboard Alphas: Bo Bunny
Flowers: Basic Grey June Bug & DCWV paper posies
Other: unknown twine, white Bazzill cardstock, Colorbox chalk ink

My Daddy, My Friend
Paper: Basic Grey Archaic
Kraft Paper
Border Strips: Basic Grey Archaic
Daddy/baby Chipboard Dinos: Basic Grey Archaic
Alpha Stickers: Pink Paislee
Buttons: Fancy Pants
Journaling spot: Colorbok
Other: Magic Mesh, unknown twine, Colorbox chalk ink; Heidi Swapp distressing tool

TFL and have a GREAT week!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hi Hi Hi!!

I am home from my all day crop where I was able to complete two layouts and one card. I know, not much for eight hours but hey, I'm a talker, LOL.

Here are some pics of some of my crop buddies (taken on my crappy cell phone camera).

Koty & Lefa.
Ironically, I used to date Koty's brother in HS.
He was my show choir dance partner for a year and prom date senior year.
It's ironic that we now scrap together, LOL.

She comes with her Mom Melva who is just the most awesome Mommy in the world!
I love those two girls!

Mindy Lou Who.. She is a sweetie and makes the best cakes and cake pops. She also let's me use her Cricut machine all the time cause I'm too lazy to cart mine to the crops, LMBO :)

I'll have pics up tomorrow of some of my work!! Come back and see me then :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Okay, finally some promised pictures

Hi Everyone! I've been busy. Way busier than I'm used to.
And I've just had NO time to keep up with my blog (and other things).
So pardon the tardiness in posting Caleb's birthday pictures.
Here are a few (unedited) pics. I have a million more but I'll spare you, LOL.

Now I'm off to do my daily chores and plan out some "kits" for use at my 12 hour crop tomorrow. I find that if I don't have a plan, I get nothing done except talking, LOL.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

6/26/09 The day before his Birthday. Escapes in Muncie. They have really cool tubes, ball pits and stuff for the kids. This is Caleb up really HIGH in the tubes (Doug's sister Erin is behind him).

Caleb coming down the slide with Aunt Erin.

The day OF his Birthday. Free spray park fun!

Playing with cousin Ryan.

Still pretty leary of the spraying water but he warmed up to it.

Party time!! 6/28/09
The baking of the cake. This was my first time EVER baking a cake (the other is for the cake balls I made).

Caleb and I made the kids little treat bags and cake pops. They were SO yummy and everyone complimented me on them. Thanks Mindy for the recipe!! :)

The set up. Even though later we decided to eat and have him open presents outside. It was just too nice to pass that up, LOL.

Caleb's elbow in the cake, LOL.
Opening presents...
Cousin Ryan LOVED Aunt Jenny's cake!
Some of the party guests:
Looking at one of the cards. The Backyardigans card, I'm sure. LOL

My Mom & Step (adopted) Dad.
My little brother and his wife (who is pregnant with "Baby Bean").


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Real quick....

I am just CRAZY busy lately and WAY too addicted to Facebook! Well, FARMTOWN on Facebook, LOL.
(Darn you, Danielle!!)
Sorry I haven't been around... I promise some new work on Sunday or Monday. My crop is this weekend.
I DID make a new card but it's for the If It's Groovy DT so I can't show it til Aug 1st *sigh*.
So here's some stuff about me .. whether you like it or not! tee hee :)

8 Favorite Shows:

1- Law & Order (all 3)
2- Heroes
3- Survivor
4- Big Brother
5- Jon & Kate plus 8 (and it PAINS me to admit this but I'm more addicted now because of all the dang controversy!)
6- Criminal Minds
7- Little People, Big World
8- Ruby

8 Things I did yesterday:
OMG.. I have a HORRIBLE memory.. I'm not sure I remember! LOL

1- Cleaned Caleb's room in the morning.. then again after nap.. then again before bed!
2- Played PlayDoh and loved it! LOL
3- Took a nap.
4- Did dishes.
5- Did laundry.
6- Make egg salad sandwiches.. Caleb loved it!
7- Watered my flowers.
8- Had a huge YUMMY sweet tea from McD's!!

8 Things I am looking forward to:

1- My 4 year Wedding anniversary on Thursday :)
2- My crop on Saturday.
3- My Birthday in three weeks.
4- The scrap retreat I *might* be going to in October.
5- Meeting my new niece or nephew in January.
6- Finally finishing Caleb's first year (scrapping).
7- The pumpkin patch with Caleb.
8- Christmas! I looooooove Christmas!!!

8 Favorite Restaurants:

1- Cancun (Castleton)
2- Olive Garden
3- Red Lobster
4- Hong Kong Cuisine (Fishers)
5- Applebees (only one thing there I love)
6- Bob Evans (yes, go ahead.. laugh)
7- Arby's
8- Any seafood place I've never been before...

8 Things on my wish list:

1- To lose a ton of weight.
2- Hubby to lose weight.
3- That Caleb is not autistic.
4- That the company hubby works for weathers this hard depression and hubby remains employed.
5- A good, TRUE friend that lives close.. preferably someone to scrap with. My BFF's are too far away!
6- Guidance on which church to commit to.
7- Patience while potty training!! LOL
8- Maid.

8 People I Tag:

Bethie J
Michelle S

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Going to do some hoppin'...

Blog hoppin', that is.
Check out the SNR 4th of July Blog Hop for some awesome FUN!

And have a great 4th, everyone!

Friday, July 3, 2009

My Birthday came early this year...

I love my hubby!!

I hadn't had any new scrappy goodies in over a month and he knew how much I needed a few new things to take to my crop next weekend so he took me to Archiver's last night after Caleb's Peds appointment and let me get some stuff that matches the outfit Caleb is wearing in his new pictures (see below posts).
Our anniversary is the 9th, my Birthday is the 26th. So this is my present. But I'm cool with that.. I'm the kind of girl that wants nothing more than new scrappy stuff for her Birthday, Christmas, Valentines Day, etc.. LOL
I'm easy to please.. just get me a gift card to Hobby Lobby and I'm on cloud 9! LOL
I could be in need of clothes or shoes or anything that is really NEEDED but I'd rather have scrapbook stuff instead, LOL.
<------ major scrap addict :) And just when I didn't think it could get any better, I was informed that I had a $21.64 credit at Archiver's from something I had my sister in law take back Dec 2007.. I had completely forgotten about it and (YIKES) hadn't been into Archiver's since to use it. What a nice surprise!! MORE scrappy goodies for me. WHOO HOO!!! So what'd I get, you ask? Check it out!! EK Success border punch.. makes the "ripped notebook paper" look. How cool is that!?

Element and chip stickers from the Basic Grey Lime Rickey line:

And the line I'm using to scrap Caleb's new pics.. Basic Grey Junebug:

I got two sheets of this one. SOOOO cute!!

This was in their $1.99 spot. SO cute!

K&Co Actopus to Zelephant paper. I wanted the flash cards and diecut titles from this line but they didn't have them:

I also got two sheets of dark blue Bazzill cardstock, a die cut sheet from the Making Memories Giggle Kids boy line, a $1.99 Basic Grey owl stamp and like four or five $1.99 items from the Hot Spot.. just some older Christmas product that was pretty cute.

OMG, I'm in heaven!
I can't wait to use this stuff at my crop!! :)
New stuff for me is SO rare anymore unless I win it so, I get so giddy when I get something new. And this stuff is so awesome and is even better since I got to SEE it and FEEL it myself before choosing to buy it, something that is rare for me since I usually have to buy my stuff online. YAY!

So what's everyone up to this holiday weekend? Hubby is going to organize out in the garage and we might go to my parents tomorrow night but we're not sure. They let the fireworks off right by our house, we can see them from our backyard so, we might just stay here.
We have church on Sunday, too. But other than that, we are staying home and just relaxing.

Have a great 4th! I hope it is awesome for y'all!