Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I have an exciting ANNOUNCEMENT I will be sharing SOON!!
I also worked on a few projects last night and will also share those SOON.

Bet you're just on the edge of your seats, huh? LOL.
Nah, I know you all love me and will be excited for me, tee hee :)

Did anyone watch Dr. Phil today? I'm not really a daytime TV watcher but Caleb went down for a nap right around 3pm so I turned it on. I wanted to hear what the octuplet Mom had to say.
I hate to say it but I still think that she just had those babies so she could gain fame. I mean, who messes with their face THAT much in an effort to look like Angelina Jolie "just cause"?
There's something fishy going on there. And unfortunately, those babies are the ones that will suffer. I pray for them every night. I feel so bad for them :(

Well, I'm off to make dinner. I might be back later tonight with some NEWS ;)