Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Thanks Miss Tracy!!

I LOVE my new Elmo books!!! (he carried them around for TWO HOURS tonight!!)


tracy said...

my little elmo loving boy! he is cute and i am glad he liked them!

Jenny B in Indy said...

Oh yeah.. he LOVES them. He wanted to color in the coloring book tonight before bed! (Doug didn't get the mail til 8pm or so so we let him stay up and color after bathtime).
The whole time he was carrying them around he kept saying "keys, watch, Elmo!". LOL
If you notice, he is also carrying Doug's keys and watch. This is a nightly ritual at our house.
As soon as Doug comes home Caleb frisks Doug's pockets for his keys. It's freakin' HILARIOUS!!
He'd rather play with Dad's keys than give him a hug now! LOL

Sarah Mullanix said...

Sooo cute...I love how even though he LOVES his Elmo books he still has to have the watch in one hand and keys in the other!!!