Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lovin' this weather!!

It's 71 degrees right now in Central Indiana which is totally nutso but, I'm lovin' it :) Tomorrow it's supposed to storm and there's a chance for isolated tornados.
Anyone that knows me knows I'm deathly afraid of them ever since I saw one in Indy Memorial Day 2004. So hopefully they'll stay far away from us tomorrow.
But for now, we are enjoying this short lived "heat wave", LOL.
We just played outside with Caleb for about two hours. He is talking alot more lately and said a TON of words when we went outside. TREE, SWING, SLIDE, TABLE, CHAIR, SANDBOX, BUCKET, GRASS, BUG! (we found a ladybug), OUTSIDE, HOUSE, SUN...
That little voice is just music to my ears :)
Anyway, I can't possibly scrap today. I'd MUCH rather be outside playing with my little guy. Until it rains, that is. LOL
Pics to come soon :)

And have you checked out The Scrap Review yet?
I'm really liking it so far and they are linking their readers.
I'm listed on there are as "myscrappyblog" (I'm not sure why they're calling me this but, oh well, LOL).
Anyway, it's a great site so, check it out! Lots of goodies over there.
I really hope they start reviewing new tools that come out. I seem to be a sucker for buying crappy scrap tools that end up just collecting dust, LOL.