Friday, November 14, 2008

Another one bites the dust...

I just found out that my LSS is closing down soon. *so sad*

Scrapbook Corner was (is) an awesome store. I taught classes there several years ago and took several as well. When Doug and I were dating and first married, we lived just two miles from the store and I estimate I spent at least $200 there a month (that was when I was working FT and before Caleb, LOL).
I loved that place. It was my home away from home. I literally would spend hours in the store, going from one end of the store to the next, making sure not to miss anything new.
Once we moved back to Madison County and I had Caleb (and quit working), I was lucky to go there a handful of times a year because it was 25 miles away. But, it was still in my heart, I read the blog, bought a few things from them online a few times when they had their online store and, made every attempt to visit whenever I was in Noblesville visiting Sheila or something.I'm just SO sad and wondering why on earth this happened. This is the 3rd LSS on the northeast side of Indy to go out of business since 2004. My guess is that Archivers coming in put them out of business which, sucks. Because as much as I love Archivers, they really are more expensive on most items than Scrapbook Corner was.. Even more expensive than most online stores I buy from. Or maybe it's this sucky economy.. Who knows..
Anyway, I'm sad. I'll get over it. I wish Mandy and her crew all the best and know that I loved your store SO much. You did an awesome job with it.

Above left is a picture of me taken on my 30th Birthday at where else, Scrapbook Corner :)
And here is a picture of crazy Nioka and I inside the store:

Please do me a favor and buy from (and SUPPORT) your LSS as much as you can.


Shirley said...

So sad about your lss! It seems to be a trend and I hate to see this happen. Mine is closed too.