Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Christmas shopping

Well, I have officially started my Christmas shopping.
We didn't think we were going to be able to buy much this Christmas, but then a miracle came in the mail last week and we were able to defer my car payment this month which will free up money for presents this year :)
I bought Caleb this today:

Walmart had it $15 cheaper than Toys R Us so I jumped on it :)

And then I bought my nephew, Kevin the new Operation game. I had the original version of the game as a kid and I just loved it.
According to my sister in law (Kevin's Mom), this version has boogers that come out of the nose and everything! LMBO!!

On a side note, just because I think this is HILARIOUS - Here's a picture of Kevin in his Halloween costume. He was a BREAKER BOX!!!!! LMBO!!
The stuff that kid comes up with, I swear! He is so inventive! And he's only SIX years old!!

Lastly, I think we might have solved the crib/bed issue. I was on browsing for bed rails and found that they are $22-39. Well, that's just crazy! We only need ONE rail and I'm not paying that much. So then I just happened to run across this bed:
for only $50 and we think we might get this for Caleb as his last Christmas present. It's gotten great reviews and I think a new bed might be just the thing we need for transitioning him from crib to big boy bed.
Doug is going to think about it a little more so, we'll see...

Now I need to buy one more boy present for my nephew Ryan and then I get to buy girlie stuff for my two nieces :)
Have a great night everyone!


Anonymous said...

Yay for a big boy bed! Justin loves his!! Don't get frustrated if he tries to get out and play at the beginning. It took Justin a while, but stick with it and it'll make life so much easier! :)

connie said...

love your Blog. I agree with you on the post before this one. It WAS A SAD day.