Saturday, November 1, 2008

I have the cutest little Monkey boy and, pics of his big boy room

Happy post-Halloween, y'all. Did everyone get their candy fix?
I was SO good and only had a HALF of a miniature Reese cup.
Thank God for Phentermine or I probably wouldn't have eaten alot more.
We took Caleb to the "Trunk & Treat" at this Church that we go to from time to time but arrived there 10 minutes late and there was a line of at least 200 people stretched all around the Church. Well, knowing Caleb as we do, we knew there was no way he would ever stand in line for that long so, we left and went trick or treating at about 8 houses in our neighborhood.
Everyone said Caleb was so cute, they all loved his costume.
At first he was leary about going up to the houses but then after two houses he decided to let go of his fears and decided he wanted to go IN our neighbors houses! LMBO!! Silly kid!
He was just the cutest little Monkey ever!! Here are a few pics. I'll post more later. I really did not get many that came out very good as he was CONSTANTLY on the run, LOL and I had the hardest time getting nighttime pics.. I don't think I had my camera on the right setting.
Well, there's always next year, huh? LOL

Bwahhhhaaaaaaa! It's all mine!!!!!


We spent part of our Saturday putting up plane, train and truck Wallies in Caleb's big boy room and then moved his crib in there (we're keeping him in his crib until he starts trying to climb out).
Well, unfortunately, when I put him down for a nap in there he screamed his head off so, I can only imagine what will happen tonight. Fun fun for Mommy! LOL
But, as with anything, though, he'll get used to it :)
Here are some pics. One of these days, we'll paint the walls in there.
Oh and just an fyi.. The Wallies sometimes don't stick like they're supposed to. Good thing I had Mod Podge! LMBO!!! I know, it'll probably ruin the wall but, we don't really care, we know we'll probably have to touch up paint when we sell, anyway, tee hee :)
The curtains were made by my Mother In Law. They match the sheet/quilt set that is going on Caleb's toddler bed, when we get one.

I'm going to move these down a bit more...